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Advanced Nitrox Instructor Course Details

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Course Overview

The Advanced Nitrox Instructor course is the first step into teaching Technical diving. The main focus of this course is the use of oxygen rich mixes and gas switching. Following the basic Nitrox instructor course, this rating goes into far more details covering oxygen toxicity and advanced dive planning. This course is a no decompression program.


Master Scuba Diver Trainer (2 Star Instructor) certified.
Nitrox instructor certified.
Advanced Nitrox certified.
Minimum number of Nitrox logged dives.


After completing the Advanced Nitrox Instructor course, the successful candidate can engage in teaching No decompression diving to a maximum depth of 40msw, use multiple Nitrox gas (up to pure oxygen) switches to increase the time in the no decompression limit.

Combination courses

You can combine Advanced Nitrox Instructor course with:
  1. Semi-Closed Instructor course.
  2. Closed Circuit Instructor course.
  3. Intro to Tec Instructor course.

What can I do next?

Once certified as an Advanced Nitrox Instructor you can enroll in:
  1. Decompression Procedures instructor.
  2. Semi-Closed Rebreather instructor.
  3. Closed Circuit instructor.

Got something to ask us ?

We are Technical diving education professionals and over the years we have been asked almost everything, feel free to look at our most commonly asked technical diving questions or contact us directly.