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CMAS Technical Instructor Trainer Course

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Course Overview

The CMAS/TDA Instructor Trainer is the highest rating of the technical diving progression. The IT level is obtained level by level. Only CMAS/TDA can teach this course.


Minimum age of 21.
Current Instructor for the level requested.
First Aid and CPR certified.
Proof of 150 certified students.
Proof of teaching at the requested level.

Details of the course

The Technical Instructor Trainer course covers:

  • Organisation and staff role at HQ
  • TDA standards and procedures
  • History and code of ethics CMAS/TDA
  • Products and procedures
  • Liability and insurance
  • Risk management
  • Methods of Instruction
  • Review of diver and leadership courses
  • Evaluation techniques
  • Counseling techniques

Course duration and number of dives

The Technical Instructor Trainer course is a 6 day course and 2 dives are required.

Course Price

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Additional costs

Check with CMAS/TDA HQ

Equipment requirement

Check with CMAS/TDA HQ

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