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DSAT Tec 50 Instructor Course

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Course Overview

The Tec 50 instructor course is inteded for those divers how wish to teach technical deep diving. The Tec Deep course qualifies the successfull instructor to teach diving down to 50msw using air or nitrox up to 100% of oxygen content, perform gas switching and entering decompression obligations.


Minimum age of 18.
Master Scuba Diver Trainer certified.
Nitrox instructor certified.
Deep Diver Specialty instructor certifed.
Tec 50 diver certified.
Proof of assistance in one full tec 50 diver course.
Proof of 10 certification Deep diver or Enriched Air diver.
Proof of 270 logged dives, of which 25 deeper than 30msw requiring stage decompression.

Details of the course

The Tec 50 instructor course covers:

  • Physics
  • Physiology
  • Formula work
  • Equipment consideration
  • Dive tables & dive computers
  • Dive planning
  • Common mixing procedures
  • Diving Emergencies
  • Decompression diving

Course duration and number of dives

The Tec 50 instructor course is a 9 day course and 12 dives are required.

Course Price

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Additional costs

Technical Rental equipment if needed. set p/day
Instructor examination Fees
Upgrade Fees

Equipment requirement

The Tec 50 instructor course has some specific equipment required for this course on top of the standard technical gear. All students must own or purchase a spool, SMB and wrist slate. We supply the nitrox tanks and mixes, the oxygen clean regulator and the oxygen analyser.

Got something to ask us ?

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