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Hypoxic Trimix Course Details

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Course Overview

The Hypoxic Trimix course is the more advanced form of mixed gas diving. The main focus of this course is advanced physics and physiology of Helium based breathing mixes and advanced Helium based dive planning. The hypoxic trimix course covers mixes that don't sustain life from surface and therefore require the need for a travel mix.


Normoxic Trimix certified.
100 logged dives with 25 deeper than 30msw.


After completing the Hypoxic Trimix course, the successful candidate can engage in mixed gas diving using hypoxic oxygen contents and use multiple Nitrox gas switches (up to pure oxygen) to carry out the decompression schedule.

Combination courses

You can combine the Hypoxic Trimix course with:

  1. Normoxic Trimix course.
  2. Extended Range course .

What can I do next?

Once certified as a Hypoxic Trimix Diver you can enroll in:
  1. Overhead environments.
  2. Rebreathers

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