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Training with Ocean Zone Divers

Ocean Zone Divers teach all level diving courses from the world’s largest diver training agencies, TDI/SDI, CMAS and PADI and our instructors hold the highest ratings offering our students the best training and safety levels at all times. Ocean Zone Divers uses a propriety style of teaching that was developed through years of teaching experience, using knowledge from military, commercial and fun diving covering the diving world over 360°.

tech divers in phuket We certify through TDI and are currently a 5 star Tec Facility. From Advanced Nitrox levels through to Advanced Trimix, Closed Circuit Rebreather and overhead Wreck and Caves.

In addition to the TDI system, we offer the whole range of CMAS certifications and we are a 5 star Tec Facility. CMAS in Thailand is known as TDA (Thai Diving Association) and Andrew is the Technical Diving consultant for the TDA.

And finally we offer the full range of PADI and DSAT courses. Ocean Zone Divers runs the PADI - DSAT programs in-house and our professional levels are run through our PADI 5 Star facility Andaman Paradise. All our staff are PADI Staff Instructors and Thomas our Course Director will guide you through the path to becoming a PADI Instructor.

Safety and Experience

Our team is one of the most experienced team on the Island, with a cumulated experience in diving of over 100 years and all of our resident instructors have been working in Thailand for many years in various positions (Divemastering, Tour Leading, Teaching, Managing). Ocean Zone Divers has a perfect safety record with 0 accidents during training and since training. Our style of teaching is to highest levels of the industry. We will not make your life easy when enrolling in a program, but we will make sure that you are prepared to dive at the level you are receiving certification. Stress management is an integrate part of our training programs, along with fitness levels and free diving capabilities