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Ocean Zone Divers Kao Lak - Similan Islands

Our Koa Lak facility is located in Bang Na about 10min from the pier. Opened in 2009, Ocean Zone Divers in Kao Lak is the only Technical Diving center in the area. We offer technical diving courses ranging from the basic nitrox course to extended range as well as semi-closed rebreather courses. Kao Lak faces the world famous Similan Archipelago and its possible to dive there on a daily basis or on a liveaboard cruise. Kao Lak is an excellent place to learn to dive and we offer the full range of diving courses from discovery programs to divemaster education.

Children programs

Ocean Zone Divers runs here a very specific portion of the diving curriculums which is children diving programs. We offer courses for children from the age of 8 years. The programs we designed starts with a morning pickup of the young divers in your hotel and then the whole day with Ocean Zone Divers. The time will be split between diving and fun/educational activities to keeping them busy and acquainting them with marine ecology and notions of marine ecosystems. At the end of the day, they will be transfered back to your hotel. Lunch and snacks are provided for them.

The Dive Centre

Ocean Zone Divers Kao Lak is a mixed recreational/technical dive center. We stock oxygen necessary to blend any type of nitrox mix required for technical diving, nitrox diving or rebreather diving. Our station is fitted with a compressor using continuous blending and partial pressure blending.

The Dive Gear

Ocean Zone Divers Phi Phi is equipped with rental sets of technical gear. We carry 15L dual DIN outlets, aluminum double S80s and aluminum S80s and S40s tanks for decompression. Our rebreather tanks range from 2L to 5L. All our doubles are assembled with stainless steel heavy duty bands and equipped with DIN valves and isolation manifolds. Of course, we have also a full range of children gear adapted to their size and stature. We use small scuba tanks to maximize their comfort.

Pier Pool - Beach

This facility uses the Thap lamu Pier (10min from the shop) that deserves the most famous dive sites in Thailand, the Similan Archipelago. We have also pool access 3 min from the shop. Beach dives can be organized from long tail boats for the first portions of the diving education.

Accommodation nearby

Ocean Zone Divers works with many splendid hotels located close to the shop. Ocean Zone Divers can assist you with your bookings.

Got something to ask us ?

We are Technical diving education professionals and over the years we have been asked almost everything, feel free to look at our most commonly asked technical diving questions or contact us directly.