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Overhead Environments with Ocean Zone Divers

Ocean Zone Divers offers the full range of overhead environment courses in the numerous caves an wrecks scattered around Phuket. Take your diving skills to the next level through these programs that provide the necessary training to visit dive sites that are unknown by the hundreds of divers that explore the reefs each day. Venturing into the darkened recesses beyond the reef is a truly exhilarating experience, your torch floods light on the rock formations of eons, flow rock, stalactites and rock crystals compete for your attention with the denizens of the darkness, shrimps, crabs and lobsters as big as your arm gaze amazed at the artificial light, the soft silence of this world taking you far away from everyday life.

Overhead Education Chart

Take a look at our easy to follow overhead education chart. Click on the course box to get more details.

Technical Diving Progression Chart Advanced Wreck course overview Cavern course overview IntroductoryCave course overview Full Cave course overview Rebreather courses overview Technical Diving courses overview Nitrox course overview Recreational courses overview

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