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Ocean Zone Divers was originally founded for our love of overhead environments; wrecks and caves. This section is dedicated to wreck diving and in particular to the wrecks scattered arround the Andaman Sea.

Small wreck in Racha Yai

Wreck diving is one of the milestones in pursuing technical diving training. Often lying in deep waters, the only way to reach them is by diving a helium based mix, in a technical configuration. These mixes enable the diver to explore our marine treasures without suffering the ill effects of nitrogen narcosis or oxygen toxicity and the large supply of gas provides the diver with sufficient bottom time to effectively visit the wreck. Penetration is a hazardous operation, but the risks can be minimized by undertaking proper training in overhead environments and by using appropriate dive gear and mixes.

The wreck diving educational flowchart is organised in two levels; the basic wreck diving specialty that covers the basics of wreck diving and the advanced wreck diving that looks at penetration techniques using lines, markers and other specialized gear.



King Cruiser engine room entryWrecks of the AndamanSea

We have listed the wrecks in two sections: Similan Wrecks and Phuket Wrecks. The Similans offer a few small wrecks in recreational depths while Phuket offers a much greater selection ranging from recreational to technical depths.

Courses are usually run on the King Cruiser wreck, Marla Mystery or the Bang Tao War birds. Like our regular technical diving courses, wreck diving courses can be combined to create packages that meet the needs and certification levels of each student.