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Cave Diving in Phuket

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Overhead environment diving can be enjoyed at the Recreational or Technical level. The Cavern course offers access to new and exciting recreational diving within the natural light zone of the cave while Intro & full cave takes you beyond the light zone into the darkened recesses. cave diving krabi phuket

Learning to dive in overhead environments will improve your SCUBA skills like few other courses can. The strict emphasis on exact buoyancy control and fining technique together with advanced equipment configuration will set your diver skills on a new level as well as give you a brand new look.

Cave diving in Thailand has grown in popularity over the last few years with the discovery and exploration of many new systems both in southern and northern provinces. Phuket is centrally located to access the caves down in the south both in the Khao Sok National Park, Trang and Krabi.



cave diving koa sok caves phuketThailand Cave Systems

The cave systems in this area have a lot to offer. Starting with beautiful caverns and entry level caves in Phi Phi Islands, more complex systems in Khao Sok and finally extreme caves in Trang and Krabi.
Ocean Zone Divers offer Training up to full cave diver. The entry level programs (cavern and introcave) can be run in our Phi Phi Islands center. The full cave courses are normally conducted in Khao Sok National Park.
Like our regular technical diving courses, cave diving courses can be combined to create packages that meet the needs and certification levels of each student.