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Tech Diving News

Classification Who When Description
OZD - Chang Diving
Mai 2017
We conducted a 3 weeks training program on Koh Chang where 3 local instructors were trained up to Technical Instructor, in decompressions and advanced wreck penetration .
Mai 2017
Our dive centre reopens after a period of inactivity.
Sad news
August 2011
Passing of Andrew
Andrew left us too early on 26 August 2011.
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June 2010
TDI Diver-Instructor cours:
Ocean Zone Divers as for the first time trained a Thai technical instructor. Khun Nui is currently a recreational Cours Director and ex Thai Navy Seal. In parallel Kun Tor has completed his ratings as an Advanced Nitrox, Decompression, Extended Range and Trimix 1 diver.
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Mai 2010
DSAT has changed the curriculum:
The famous Tec Deep and Tec Trimix have now changed of structure. The new courses are Tec 40, Tec 45, Tec 50, Trimix 65 and Trimix. Find out more about these programs.
Mai 2010
Optimising our website
In order for Ocean Zone Divers to remain highly ranked in the Search Engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) we relied again on James and his team at Delicious Webdesign - our website designers to help boost our website rankings and to do some updates on the website for us.
Mai 2010
Divemaster Internship 2010:
Ocean Zone Divers offers internships for Divemaster levels (Fun and Tec) . Find out more about these programs..
Opening of Group courses:

Ocean Zone Divers offers group courses at prices well bellow the current market price. Find out more about these programs..
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November 2009
New high season 2009-2010:
Our high season will officially start on the 1st of November 2009. Find out more about the changes in our Chalong shop.
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October 2009
Creation of Pro&Sys - Marine Services:
This project was the opening of our new commercial diving company capable of undertaking any type of marine work.
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October 2009
New web site
Our new sub branch web site describes the activities in Phi Phi Islands.
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October 2009
New web site
Our new online store offering diving items form brands such as Oxycheq, OMS, Scubapro, Aqualung, etc..
September 2009
New cargo wreck lying in 45m:
Last week an 80m long cargo sunk off the cost of Phuket and now lies in 45m of water.
Septembre 2009
New wreck in Racha Yai:
A small fishing boat lying in 24m of water on the est side of Racha Yai.
September 2009
Pipe Inspection job in Qatar:
The last job we where on was the inspection of a pipe line for the new Electrical Plant Messaieed.
September 2009
Update of our web site
New site completely re-written in order to offer a better browsing experience and a lot more information, new navigation and the whole web site was completely revamped. Thanks to james and his team at Delicious Webdesign for their work on our website and SEO of the website.
July 2009
Transformation of our Chalong premises:
Our Chalong shop was upgraded in order to accomodate a new classroom and a new filling station.
Cave OZD June 2009
Exploration of the T - Sra Keow and completion of the traverse at 78m.
Deep Wreck
April 2009
Exploration of Sunshine 1 - 93m:
Ocean Zone Dive Team conducted a series of exploration dives on the Shipwreck Sunshine 1.
Deep Wreck OZD April 2009
Exploration of a Trawler - 69m
Centre OZD November 2008
Opening of the Phi Phi Branch
Cave OZD March 2008
Exploration of Koa Sok cave systems
Cave OZD March 2007
Sponsoring of the Exploration Sra Keow (240m)
Cave OZD January
Exploration of the Koa Sok system
Discovery OZD September 2006
Expedition on the Espresso Trapani - 112m
Discovery ??? March 2006
Discovery of the British Mini-Subs?
Expo TDEX May 2006
TDEX 2006 in Bangkok
Expo ADEX Apvril 2005
ADEX 2006 in Singapore
Expo TDEX April 2005
TDEX 2005 in Bangkok
Expo ADEX March 2005
ADEX 2005 in Bangkok
Centre OZD July 2004
Opening of the shop in Phuket
Expo OZD April 2004
ADEX in Singapore
Deep Wreck OZD March 2004
Exploration of HMS Vestal
Deep Wreck OZD March 2003
Exploration of wrecks arround Phuket
Tec Conference NAUI TEC February 2003
NAUI Technical Conference 2003
Deep Wreck Xpedition October 2002
Expedition on the Bengasi wreck, Sardaigna
Deep Wreck OZD September 2002
Exploration of the Pontida wreck
Deep Wreck OZD September 2002
Exploration of the Hirondelle - The cliffs
Wreck Trip OZD July 2002
The wrecks of Scapa Flow
Deep Wreck Xpedition January 2002
Expedition of the Dornier 24
Deep Wreck ETDC May 2001
Expedition of the Carpathia
TX OZD April 2001
NAUI Trimix Workshop in Sweden
Expo OZD March 2001
Paris Dive Show
Deep Wreck Xpedition February 2001
Expedition on the Malachite
Tec Conference NAUI TEC October 2000
Technical Dive Conference 2000
TX OZD October 2000
NAUI Trimix Workshop in Australia
Wreck Trip OZD August 2000
The wrecks of Scapa Flow
ITC OZD July 2000
ITC in Geneva with Mora Mora Travel
Deep Wreck Xpedition June 2000
Expedition on the Andréa Doria
Expo OZD March 2000
Aquaboulevard in Paris
ITC OZD March 2000
ITC in Phuket with Dive Consult Intl.
Expo OZD February 2000
Sub 2000 in Geneva
ITC OZD November 1999
ITC in Geneva with Mora Mora Travel
Trip OZD July 1999
Red Sea Wreck Cruise
TX OZD May 1999
NAUI Trimix Workshop (Jim Bowden)
Trip OZD March 1999
Red Sea Cruise
Expo OZD February 1999
Sub 1999 in Geneva


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