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Ocean Zone Divers runs diving expeditions all over the world on a regular basis. The choice of the sites is either a world class wreck dive site or true expeditions where the object of the trip is to find and positively identify the wreck(s), or to explore new caves or sections of caves.

OZD is also actively working on local wrecks here in Phuket. Many wrecks still lie here unknown and unidentified. Among some of the most interesting recently identified are the mine sweepers HMS Squirrel and her sister ship of HMS Vestal, both lying between 70 and 78m, a 120m long cargo named Sunshine 1 lying in 93m and very recently in September 2009 the discovery and identification of the cargo ship Sea Chart 1 lying in 40m.

Starboard side of Sea Chart 1Sea Chart 1

Our cave diving projects concentrate mainly on one of the shafts in Sra Keow cave starting at 90m and the exploration of the Hong Song cave.

Check our news pages to read the latest updates of our exploration projects and our new discoveries. If you wish to take part in one of our expeditions, please contact us directly.