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Technical Diving in Phuket

Recreational divers visit our Islands from all over the world to experience the beauty of dive sites that made the fame of Phuket. Very few know that this same area offers some of the best technical diving in Thailand; deep rocks, wrecks and caves.

Technical Dive Sites

Ocean Zone Divers has been active in the research of technical dive sites and is now able to offer:

Overhead diving in Phi Phi Islands
  • 15 known wrecks ranging from the shallow 12m all the way down to 220m. We have Barges, War ships and Planes, Cargos and Trawlers.

  • 10+ splendid deep dives on rocks plunging down to 70m offering stunning hard and soft corals together with pro active marine life.. For the more adventurous the continental shelf drop off begins at 90m

  • 10 caves and caverns that can accommodate all levels of overhead divers from shallow caverns to deep caves in excess of 200m.

  • Breath taking dives for rebreather divers wishing to evade the noisy world of bubbles.

  • Unexplored points that are just waiting to be discovered. These dives are open to only experienced technical divers.

Rebreather Diving

Ocean Zone Divers welcomes rebreather divers coming with their units or wishing to rent a unit. We offer all the service they require, tank rental, gas fills, oxygen fills and dive sorbe.

Years of experience

Ocean Zone Divers is the most experienced dive center in Phuket and is able to organize technical diving trips for large groups as and equip them with double tanks (all DIN manifolded), deco tanks (S40s and S80s DIN) and an oxygen deco station. We welcome Dive Clubs offering exclusive packages for technical divers, recreational divers and even non divers. Ocean Zone Divers also caters for individuals wishing to tech dive on a daily basis. We offer all types of service ranging from tanks rental and fills to a fully organized day (including a technical instructor capable of guiding and allowing the diver to gain experience under careful supervision).

Got something to ask us ?

We are Technical diving education professionals and over the years we have been asked almost everything, feel free to look at our most commonly asked technical diving questions or contact us directly.