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Enhance your Scuba Diving Career

Technical Diving at the leadership level is the pinnacle of diving education. Entering one of these programs will test your academic knowledge to it's limit. You will also be challenged on stress management, your physical capacities and first aid capacities. Teaching technical diving is a real responsibility, and we do not take that lightly; with Ocean Zone Divers courses are purchased but certification is earned.

The technical diving industry has lots to offer.

  • Technical Divemaster: guiding certified technical scuba divers on world famous technical dives sites.

  • Technical Instructor: teaching technical diving is the pinnacle of diving instruction.

Why choose a Technical Diving Career

  • You dreaming of joining the elite of diving ???
  • You wish to explore some of the most extreme and mysterious dive sites worldwide ??
  • You wish to swap the life of a recreational diving instructor for a high adrenaline activity where meticulous planning and high levels of skills are required to safely venture in deep waters or overhead environments ??
  • You have been working in the recreational dive industry but you now crave for a more challenging activity ?? !!!
  • Whatever your reasons for choosing to become a technical dive leadership you will find that it not only allows you to find work almost anywhere in the world. .. but also that it is way of life . !!

Training with Ocean Zone Divers

Training with Ocean Zone Divers is your insurance of education to the highest standards. OZD is a multi agency dive center and we offer technical leadership-instructor certification through many different agencies. Ocean Zone Divers offers a unique modular instructor course where candidates follow general modules such as physiques and physiology followed by specific modules in relation with the training agency such as standards and code of ethics. The candidate can then sit the exams in varying agencies to obtain certification. Ocean Zone Divers prepares divers to sit exams through CMAS-TDA, DSAT and TDI (on special request we can organize NAUITEC, PSAI and IANTD modules).

Training Schedules

Technical Divemaster, Technical Instructor and Technical Instructor crossover courses are run on a regular basis. Once qualified, OZD will help the students get a job in the diving industry through many of its contacts, here in Asia, in Europe, in Egypt or in the US.

Other Benefits

Leadership-Instructor Training with OZD also allows the candidates to 20% discount on dive gear found in the shop. We believe that diving is an equipment driven sport and therefore Professionals must have the best equipment available.

Professional Education Chart

Take a look at our easy to follow professional technical education chart. Click on the course box to get more details.

Professional Progression Chart Professional Recreation courses overview Technical Divemaster course overview Nitrox Instructor course overview Extended Range Instructor course overviewDecompression Procedures course overview Advanced Nitrox Instructor course overview Intro to Tec Instructor course overview Normoxic Trimix Instructor course overview Advanced Trimix Instructor course overview Semi-Closed Rebreather Instructor course overview Closed Circuit Rebreather MOD1 Instructor course overview Closed Circuit Rebreather MOD2 Instructor course overview Closed Circuit Rebreather MOD3 Instructor course overview Closed Circuit Rebreather MOD4 Instructor course overview Full Cave Instructor course overview Intro to Cave Instructor course overview Advanced Wreck Instructor course overview Cavern Instructor course overview Nitrox Gas Blender Instructor course overview Advanced Gas Blender Instructor course overview Oxygen Service Technician Instructor course overview Technical Instructor Trainer course overview