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Rebreather Diving Introduction

Ocean Zone Divers has been involved with rebreathers since their beginning back in the mid 90's. Today rebreathers have come a long way offering more reliable technology, more features, and overall have a much better safety records. At Ocean Zone Divers we offer rebreather education on both Semi-Closed rebreathers (active addition) and Closed-Circuit rebreathers (manual and electronic). The semi-closed rebreathers units we offer are the Dolphin and the Ray (both Draeger units) and the closed circuit rebreathers are the KISS (Jetsam) and the Inspiration/Evolution (AP Valve). In the near future, Ocean Zone Divers will also be offering certification on the closed circuit Megalodon (InnerSpace Systems Corp).

Rebreather Purchase

For those interested in purchasing a semi-closed or closed circuit rebreather unit, Ocean Zone Divers offers special prices. If the unit is bought in conjunction with a Rebreather course please contact us for special pricing.

Rebreather Education Chart

Take a look at our easy to follow rebreather education chart. Click on the course box to get more details.

Rebreather Diving Progression Chart Technical Diving courses overview Overhead courses overview Semi-closed rebreather course overview Closed-Circuit MOD1 rebreather couse overview Closed-Circuit rebreather MOD2 course overview Closed-Circuit Rebreather Mixed Gas Diluent course overview Closed-Circuit Rebreather Advanced Mixed Gas Diluent course overview Nitrox courses overview Recreational dive courses overview

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