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Our Day Boats

Unlike our competition, Ocean Zone Divers has it’s own boat’s and does not charge you for the boat on top of you educational programs. For local diving around Phuket, we offer two departure zones, Chalong and Bang Tao.

Pegasus Day BoatBang Tao is the base to our 13m Pegasus 2x240HP vessel offering day trips twice per day on all the dive sites that made the fame of Phuket, but also on sites unreachable by other vessels: HMS Vestal, HMS Squirrel, CP1238, SS Petaling, SunShine and Phi Phi Caves.

Pegasus Day BoatBang Tao is the base to our 10.5m flat bottom fiberglass 2x200HP offering day trips twice per day to the west coast dive sites: Koh Way, War Birds, Tin Mine Wreck and also some more technical sites such as the Bier Cargo, the Sunshine and 2 trawlers.


Chalong is the base of 30m MV Bubble 5 vessel offering day trips once per day on all the dive sites that made the fame of Phuket; Racha Yai and Racha Noi, King Cruiser, Shark Point, Anemone Reef and Phi Phi Islands.

All of these day boats trips include pick up’s from the major beaches, transfers to the vessels in A/C luxury mini vans, breakfast, lunch, snakes and fresh drinks.

Our Liveaboard

Pegasus Day BoatOur 30m Liveaboard vessel is stationed in the Similan National Park and transfers are possible every day from Kao lak or Bang Tao. Again this vessels offers all of the recreational dive sites visited by most recreational divers, but also offers the option for deeper divers to visit pristine dive sites too deep for recreational divers to enjoy.

Our Yachts

Pegasus Day BoatOcean Zone Divers in addition to all this offers Yachts for Private Charters. These luxury vessels can take you where ever you wish to go, including to any depth you wish to visit. The continental shelf break can be reached in only 1 hour aboard these vessels and drops down to200m+. In some places even in excess of 300m. But don’t worry for those who wish to just enjoy a luxury day trip around beautiful islands and enjoy lovely shallower dives sites, these vessels are your prime choice.

Breathing Gases

Ocean Zone Divers offers in all its facility’s Clean Air, Nitrox, Trimix and Oxygen fills for Rebreather divers from our Blending Stations. We carry stocks of Sorbe and offer tank rental for those who travel with their personal unit.

Our workshops can repair and maintain all the major brands of regulators and dive gear and offers workshop training on gear maintenance, basic compressor maintenance and Blending courses (Nitrox and Trimix).

Dive Shops

Our shops in Chalong and Phi Phi run year round diving operation, though the best season (high season) runs from October to May. The Bang Tao and KaoLak facilities don’t run trips during low season (June to September) but continue to offer Diver and Instructor Training.


Ocean Zone Divers being part of a very large group benefits of the availability of rooms catering for all budgets. We have it all! 5 star hotels and Bungalows. Check our package prices.