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Krabi Cave Diving - Phuket

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Krabi National park in Southern Thailand is an amazing place. This is the place to come and enjoy nature in all it's forms. Many rockclimbers visit this area for it's splendid limestone cliffs, others visit the many river rafting facility's, bicking tours, etc. Krabi is littered with cave formations of which most are still unexplored.

Sra Keow Cave

Type: Cave | Depth: 6m-240m | Visibility: 10m+
Location: Located roughly 15km from Krabi, the Sra Keow Cave is the deepest system in Thailand. With two entry points that converge in 60m of water, the cave proceeds all the way down to 240m.
Sra Keow springSra Keow spring
The Dive: Originally explored by Matt London and the TCDP, the deeper portion where explored by different teams with both Open circuit and Closed Circuit units. The entrance to this spring is at a depth of 16m and opens to a shaft about 5m at the widest point. Following the system down at 55m a minor restriction communicates with the other entry and continues down to an horizontal section in 90m of water.
Though in shallower water, this horizontal has not been well explored and there is the possibility of the system continuing much deeper in this area. Continuing down the cave will greatly enlarge in the 120m depth and become nearly a vertical drop to the bottom resting at 240m.